Make your Hasbro ring great again!


Maybe the best WWF Ring ever was made by WWF Hasbro back in the 90s. After all the Use from play over time stickers and ropes can get damaged, rub off and the ropes loose there tension! This issue ends exactly here! gives your classic blue WWF Hasbro ring an awesome refresh with our set of high quality replacement stickers and new ropes with tension made by the original -> All our high Quality Stickers come perforated and die cut. NO CUTTING! JUST PEEL & STICK!


Our High Quality set contains:

1 Full Set of 7 Replacement Stickers for the blue WWF Hasbro Ring
1 Set of Ropes (Blue | Red | White) with tension


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Why you should order your Stickers from

We have a lot of experience and passion for Hasbro & classic wrestling fans! For years we have been working to make the Rings great again. After restoring your ring you will see the ring looks brand new again! All our Stickers are digitally remastered in awesome HQ quality! Check out our sample pictures and you’ll see what people are talking about! Our set of course also contains a set of HQ Ropes with tension let the action begin again!


Safe Shipping:
All Sticker Kits are shipped in a box for protection! Includes Instructions on how to install the replacement stickers. Very Easy!


Enjoy & Let’s keep classic Wrestling alive!! - So close to the real thing, It´s like being in the ring!