Pair your favorite Hasbros or Mattel Retro figures with our choice of Tag team cards!

Do you want to pair a tag team together that never got a tag pack before? Our professional custom card-backs are the PERFECT way to display your original WWF Hasbros, custom Hasbro figures or Mattel Retros on a classic WWF Hasbro card. They are also perfect to get signed by your favorite superstars or celebrities!

Card details:
- You choose your Tag Team card
-  If your Tag Team card is not available via our already finished designs, no problem! We will design your individual card on request - Just choose option: "design my card"
- On every card we offer you can choose your favorite color for the boarder
- Professionally printed on incredibly durable/thick cardboard stock.
- UV light protection (No color loss over time) & Premium Glossy Finish
- Includes a removable Tag Team crystal clear figure case (for easy access to the figures whenever you want!)
- Figures not included!

Why you should buy your card-backs from Hasbromaniacs?

Professional Printing
If you have not seen, all of our production work is printed with our actual printing shop. We are not printing your cards at home, these are printed professionally with our equipment. We will print always Professionally from production-grade machines because If anyone is going to invest on having these amazing products than it only makes sense to make our work stand the test of time where as a home printer slowly begins to lose the quality of its colors and become faded! There's nothing wrong with home & office printers, but the saying "You get what you pay for" stands true. HasbroManiacs does not take any half-measures in our work. All Our High quality printed cards will always have a glossy finish and UV light protection so you can enjoy your cards over the YEARS in the same quality!

All our cards are not a thin print! You get a real card-back backing with a very good thickness for a study, long-lasting result! We want your cards to stand the test of time, and our heavy cardboard backings will do just that.

Professional Tag Team Bubbles
All of our cards include a brilliant, removable crystal-clear figure case. You can easily open and close the sliding box, giving you full customization of how you want to display the card and the figure. With our design you will always have full figures access to the figure whenever you want. The Bubbles are just like our cardboard and prints, high quality! They don’t get faded or yellow!

Experience and Fun!
We have designed a lot of cards, for the biggest collectors and normal people like us. We have designed single cards, Tag cards, Mattel Retro cards, LJN Cards, Galoob Cards, Master of the universe cards, Movie cards, Cards for artist, Cards for singers, cards for athletes, Transformer cards, and last but not least, cards for real people like moms, dads, siblings, and friends!

We stand by our work, and the community stands by us, as does those who have so kindly advertised us on their shows and social media.

With HasbroManiacs - Quality is everything


Tag Team Cards