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The all-new, extended version of “The Guide to WWF Hasbro” is now filled with the complete history of the WWF Hasbro action figure toy line. This unbelievable 52-page guide is now available at Hasbromaniacs.com! 

In cooperation with some of the largest Hasbro collectors around the world, we have made our reference tool even better! Our original guide has been on the market since mid-2018 and has helped many collectors become more affiliated and knowledgeable of the toy line and complete their Hasbro collection. For some, it has even helped them start collecting again. 

Over the course of time, we received many inquiries as to whether we would publish a larger version of the catalog with all the other exciting merchandise from the WWF Hasbro toy line. With the help of some of the most knowledgeable WWF Hasbro collectors, we are now able to fulfill this request! We have more than doubled the number of pages from 24 to an incredible 52! Everything has been summarized in our fully illustrated extended WWF Hasbro guide! 

This is the only WWF Hasbro guide you’ll ever need! Everything has been packed into 52 pages of awesomeness! 

In addition to all of the classic information found in the original guide about series 1-11 (loose and MOC pictures, tidbits of information, etc.), we have now included all of the other exciting products into the catalog !You will now find out everything about: 

Mail-Aways, Exclusive Mail-Aways, Rings with all the information about flags, belts and variants. 
We have a great new section called “Creating a Hasbro Figure” where we explain & show (in detail) what the process is for creating WWF Hasbro figures! We delve into the first sketches all the way to the final product! Including sketches, 2-Ups, test shots, prototypes, green tags, and much more! 

We have dedicated 3-pages of WWF Hasbro bootlegs and have also located many more original advertisements and promotional material. We have also included a section featuring all the information about the infamous Kamala “Moon Belly” figure, India’s Funskool Hasbro variants, limited edition cards such as the SummerSlam Sweepstakes and foreign card variants of packaging. We also take a special look into all rumored Orange Card (series 12) figures with examples. 

There was so much more than the figures to cover so we are delving into the WWF Hasbro toy line items such as Trace Plates, The kids toy belts, Bop Bags and talking figures. 

Last, but certainly not least we were able to add some awesome pics of collections from several real collectors who are dedicated to the WWF Hasbro toy line! 

As already mentioned, the pages have more than doubled from 24 pages to 52!  As an added bonus to show our appreciation to our customers, everyone will receive a free wwf hasbro blue ring poster from Hasbromaniacs which will be included inside the catalog! 

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Our new Guide is high professionally printed on 135-gram heavyweight paper (cover insane 250g) with mirror finish and UV-sealing for a high quality and brilliant finish! 

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